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Exam Name: Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

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The Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

The JavaScriptDeveloper-I Certification is defined as a diploma that is generated for Salesforce experts. Those who have skills, knowledge and experience executing on the front end and back end JavaScript solutions on the Salesforce platform qualify for this certification.

The basic details you need to know about this exam are listed below.

  • The exam is included with 60 multiple choice questions.
  • You get 105 minutes to complete your exam.
  • The pass requirement is 65%
  • There are nonconductions.
  • The cost of the exam is USD 200 and if in case you are unsuccessful in the exam, the retake fee is USD100.

The following information is about the core topic areas of the JavaScript Developer-I credentials and what any person should know:

Variables, types and conditions:

Provided a scheme for example, where you illustrate awareness of the type of coercion and its effects, it is very essential when working with JavaScript. Type coercion is a procedure where a value is transformed from one data type to another. It can either be performed explicitly or implicitly. In the implicit case, the JavaScript engine automatically performs the conversion. But on the other hand, the explicit conversion is done using Boolean, string or number. One should be aware of the operating types and the type of coercion that will determine in the given scenario.

In the second scheme, you are given to differentiate between truthy and falseyevaluationsit’s important to do that when you’re doing comparisons. A truthy is any digit calculating true in Boolean context. But a false does the opposite, in one of the eight values, it is treated false in a Boolean context. Falsey values are 0, -0 and null.


Suppose if you are provided with a responsibility to handle errors, how would you do that when you want to achieve a JavaScript Developer-I certification? Proper handling is crucial for any experiment. JavaScript errors which are also known as exceptions are of eight different types. Exceptions are tossed by the JavaScript engine whenever there is a hurdle. As a result, this may cause the application to go into failure, so it requires proper handling.

Exceptions create an error object. The error object has properties that provides details about the exception.

In the second scenario, you are displayed with a code that is to be debugged you make use of console and breakpoints. It can be used for code debugging. The console itself helps to lend out messages that can help debug code. JavaScript Debugging Pane can be a helper in setting breakpoints and inspection of the values of variables.

In conclusion, if you intend to prepare for the JavaScript-Developer-I exam, there are practice exams added on the official website.


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