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At CertsGrade, we understand that you care about your privacy while online. We put the highest respect on protecting our customer’s privacy while they are visiting our website. Our employees and all of our associates endeavour to protect your confidentiality including information that will not identify you personally that you share with us via your profile. We do require information to use the trial versions of our products.

All personal information we collect from our members or users is never sold or transferred to any third party unless you provide consent. We at CertsGrade do store the IP address of your computer when you browse and visit our website. The information we collect is only used to provide us with information regarding your statistical and demographic information as a summary. The IP addresses we collect are not used to identify the person/user at all.

We may at times use information you provide in the following ways:

  • To give our research and editorial team information that is used in developing new features, services, and products for CertsGrade members.
  • For advertisers or sponsors we supply geographical and other information that does not personal identify our users.
  • To give our selective partners information in order to provide our customers with value-added offerings
  • To provide you with advertising that is more appealing to you personally.?

By using our website, you give us permission to use this data in the ways described in this policy and not to identify you personally.

CertsGrade reserves the right to analyze and report our customer’s behaviour and other information to measure the interest in specific products or areas of our website as well as inform our advertisers of this information. CertsGrade may allow third parties to provide subscriptions or other services that you may need to register for in order to use. In the event that you use these services, CertsGrade is not responsible for any actions taken on third party websites. Prior to using the websites, services, or products, you should read their privacy policy.

When you provide any information on our website on the bulletin boards, via chat or other areas, such as your user name or other personal information may be collected, saved, and utilized by third parties. This action is beyond the control of CertsGrade, we cannot be held responsible, and you provide such information at your own risk.

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