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Exam Name : Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Vendor Name : Scrum
Total Questions : 243

PSPO-II Practice Exam

Professional Scrum Product Owner –PSPOII

Are you interested in getting a certification that involves the advanced level of product ownership?

Here we talk about a diploma being offered with the name Professional Scrum Product Owner, also known as PSPO-II. It is’s medium level credential for Product Owner. People who are granted this diploma are certified:

  • Upgraded level of Product Owner Ship
  • An overall grasp on the value of maximization and delivery

Moving forward to the exam structure, the basic information you need is that it has 40 questions that are – multiple-choice, multiple select and true/false. The duration of this exam is about 60 minutes and the maximum passing score you need to attain is 85%. The number of diploma holders is around 1000+.

Information about questions

In PSPO-I the questions connect with direct facts from the Scrum Guide. Their main objective is to concentrate on every literal job of the product owner in Scrum. But on the other hand, PSPO-II prioritizes more on the practical aspects of the Product Owner position. Several questions you may discover are small case studies: they give you a situation and want you to find the best possible strategy of solving this. And then they make use of concepts from Scrum and Evidence-based management.

The questions address these key areas:

  • Evidence-based management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Product Ownership
  • Value Maximization

The questions that require you to multi-select, will inform you how many options you will have to select. For example, they will state you to select the three best answers. However, there are also questions asking you to (choose all that apply).

How to prepare for PSPO-II?

Professional Scrum Product Owner II is a developed test. While you take a sigh of relief thinking that it can be passed without attending any PSPO-A training session, it is recommended to take one. The session helps get a more in-depth summary of the Scrum framework. It will also permit you to reexamine the role of the Product owner and the different aspects of it.

One of the tips you will need is to read the scrum guide multiple times until you are clear with the terminology and concept. The topics listed above should be thoroughly revised and understood with comprehensive analysis. It also applies the same for Evidence-based management especially the idea of four key value areas (KVA).

If you want to study the role of the Product Owner more in detail, have a look at the Product Owner Stance. It provides you with the synopsis of widespread anti-patterns Product Owners might fall into.

This certification is for anyone who aspires to assess their refined knowledge about PSPO-II and delivery of products.

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