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Exam Name : Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio
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Ethan Baker

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OMS-435 Practice Exam

OMS-435 Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio Exam Guide

OmniStudio is a low-code development platform that allows businesses to create customized applications and integrations that meet their unique needs. It offers a wide range of tools and features that can be used to build guided experiences for customers and employees alike. OMS-435 is an exam offered by Salesforce that validates your knowledge and skills in building guided experiences with OmniStudio. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the OMS-435 exam.

OMS-435 Exam Overview

OMS-435 is a proctored Salesforce developer exam that consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam is timed, and you have 90 minutes to complete it. To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 65%. The exam is intended for developers who have experience using OmniStudio to create guided experiences. It is recommended that you have at least six months of hands-on experience using OmniStudio before attempting the exam. The OMS-435 exam covers a variety of topics related to building guided experiences with OmniStudio. These topics include:


  • OmniStudio Fundamentals: This section covers the basic concepts of OmniStudio, including its architecture, data models, and user interface.
  • Data Integration: This section covers how to integrate data from external sources into OmniStudio. It includes topics such as data mapping, data sources, and data synchronization.
  • User Experience Design: This section covers the design principles for creating user-friendly guided experiences. It includes topics such as user interface design, user experience testing, and accessibility.
  • Guided Experience Development: This section covers the development of guided experiences using OmniStudio. It includes topics such as process automation, form design, and custom components.

OMS-435 Exam Preparation

To prepare for the OMS-435 exam, it is recommended that you have hands-on experience using OmniStudio. Certs grade offers a variety of training resources to help you prepare for the exam, including instructor-led courses, online learning modules, pdf dumps, practice questions & answers and certification study groups. You can also find study materials and practice exams at the website. Note that the exam information can be outdated as Salesforce keeps on updating exam structures and content from time-to-time so it is recommended to also visit the official Salesforce site to get the authentic information.


Course Content for OMS 435 Exam

Introduction to OmniStudio

  • Overview of OmniStudio
  • Understanding the key features of OmniStudio
  • Setting up and configuring an OmniStudio environment

Building Guided Experiences

  • Understanding the concept of Guided Experiences
  • Creating a guided experience using OmniStudio
  • Creating guided experience templates
  • Understanding guided experience components

Building a Guided Experience with OmniStudio

  • Creating a guided experience
  • Adding steps and components to a guided experience
  • Adding logic to a guided experience
  • Testing and debugging guided experiences

Integrating with Other Salesforce Products

  • Understanding how to integrate guided experiences with other Salesforce products
  • Configuring integrations with Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud
  • Best practices for integrating guided experiences with other Salesforce products

Best Practices for Building Guided Experiences

  • Best practices for building effective guided experiences
  • Tips for designing user-friendly guided experiences
  • Strategies for maintaining and updating guided experiences
  • Common mistakes to avoid when building guided experiences


Achieving the OMS 435 certification demonstrates your proficiency in building guided experiences with OmniStudio. This can be valuable for both your personal and professional growth. Certified individuals are more likely to be hired by companies that use OmniStudio and may receive higher salaries than non-certified individuals. Certification can also provide a pathway for career advancement within your organization.

The OMS435 exam is a valuable certification for developers who want to demonstrate their proficiency in building guided experiences with OmniStudio. Achieving the certification can provide personal and professional benefits, including higher salaries and career advancement opportunities. In conclusion, this IT course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and industry best practices. We hope you found it useful. Keep learning and growing!


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