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Logan Garcia

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NPTE-PTA Practice Exam

Physical Therapist Assistant NPTE-PTA Certification

As a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), your main responsibility is to help patients regain their physical function and mobility. You work closely with Physical Therapists (PTs) to develop treatment plans and provide hands-on care to patients. However, before you can begin your career as a PTA, you need to pass the NPTE-PTA National Physical Therapy Exam-Physical Therapist Assistant. This FSBPT exam assesses your knowledge and skills in various areas of physical therapy, such as anatomy, physiology, therapeutic exercise, and patient care. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this FSBPT certification, including its format, study tips, and more.


Format of NPTE-PTA

The NPTE-PTA is a computer-based exam that consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. There are a total of 4 hours to complete the exam. The questions are divided into different categories:

  • Physical therapy data collection
  • Patient care
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Equipment and devices
  • Safety and professional responsibilities

Study Tips for NPTE-PTA

Preparing for the NPTE-PTA can be a daunting task, but with the right study plan, you can increase your chances of passing the exam. some study tips to follow are:

Understand the exam format: Before you start studying, make sure you understand the format of the exam. This will be helpful in the real exam environment.

Use reliable study resources: There are many study resources available online including our Certsgrade website that offers unique features to prepare, but not all of the providers are reliable. Choose resources that are recommended by PTs and PTAs who also mostly suggest to use Certsgrade’s study course who have already passed the exam.

Create a study schedule: Plan your study schedule in advance and make sure you stick to it. Set aside specific times for studying each day and avoid procrastination.

Take practice tests: Practice tests are a great way to assess your knowledge and identify areas where you need improvement. Make sure you take practice tests regularly and analyze your results.

Join study groups: Joining a study group can be helpful as you can discuss difficult concepts with other students and learn from their experiences.

Course Content for NPTE PTA Physical Therapy Assistant Exam

The National Physical Therapy Exam-Physical Therapist Assistant is designed to test the knowledge and skills of individuals who wish to become licensed Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs). The exam consists of multiple-choice questions that cover a wide range of topics related to physical therapy. The course content for NPTE PTA includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: This section covers the basic structure and function of the human body, including the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.
  • Therapeutic Exercise: This section focuses on the principles of exercise and the role of physical therapy in promoting rehabilitation, wellness, and health maintenance.
  • Modalities: This section covers the use of various modalities such as heat, cold, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation in physical therapy treatment.
  • Patient Care: This section covers the principles of patient care, including communication, ethics, and legal issues.
  • Therapeutic Interventions: This section covers the different therapeutic interventions used in physical therapy, such as manual therapy, gait training, and functional training.
  • Pathology: This section covers common medical conditions and diseases, including orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Pharmacology: This section covers the basic principles of pharmacology and the use of medications in physical therapy treatment.


Real Exam Topics:



  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Neuromuscular & Nervous Systems
  • Integumentary System
  • Metabolic & Endocrine Systems
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Genitourinary System
  • Lymphatic System
  • System Interactions


  • Equipment, Devices, & Technologies
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Safety & Protection
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Research & Evidence-Based Practice

FAQs About the NPTE PTA Exam


Q: What is the passing score for NPTE-PTA?
A: The passing score for NPTE-PTA is 600.


Q: How long does it take to get the exam results?
A: It usually takes four weeks to get the exam results.


Q: How many times can you retake the exam?
A: You can retake the exam up to three times in a year.


Q: Do I need to renew my NPTE-PTA certification?
A: Yes, you need to renew your certification every two years.



Passing the NPTE-PTA is an important step towards becoming a successful PTA. Make sure you understand the exam format, create a study plan, and use reliable study resources. Don’t forget to take practice tests and join study groups to enhance your preparation. With dedication and hard work, you can pass the NPTE-PTA. In conclusion, this IT course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and industry best practices. We hope you found it useful. Keep learning and growing! Connect with us on:






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