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Vendor Name : HP
Exam Name : Delta - Advanced HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions (Compute or Storage)
Total Questions : Exam Questions
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PDF Dumps for Certsgrade HPE5-H53 Exam Practice

HPE5-H53 Delta Exam Questions For Training

Are you looking to take your IT career to new heights? Are you interested in becoming an expert in HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions? Look no further! Certsgrade is here to guide you on your journey towards success with the HPE5-H53 Delta – Advanced HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions (Compute or Storage) Exam.

HPE5-H53 Exam Information

Exam ID Exam Type Exam Duration Exam Length Cut Score Available Languages
HPE5-H53 Practical 4 hours 20 questions 59% English

HPE5-H53 Exam Objectives

  • Describe, differentiate, and apply IT industry trends, standard architectures, technologies, and cloud delivery models. (10%)
  • Gather and analyze customer business and technical requirements. (20%)
  • Recommend and position HPE offerings for customer use cases. (15%)
  • Architect and design an HPE solution based on customer needs. (30%)
  • Present and Demonstrate the solution to the customer and coordinate implementation planning. (10%)
  • Ongoing Enhancements (upgrade, migrate, optimize, etc.) (15%)

To get into more detail about these exam objectives, you can visit the official HPE Master AE website from here: https://certification-learning.hpe.com/tr/datacard/Exam/HPE5-H53

HPE5-H53 Exam Resources

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