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Preview of our Well-Prepared Demo Questions for the CFE-Investigation Exam

1) Which of the following is NOT true with regard to tracing the disposition of loan proceeds?

  1. Tracing loan proceeds can reveal previous civil offenses committed by the subject
  2. Tracing loan proceeds can determine if the proceeds were deposited into hidden accounts
  3. Tracing loan proceeds can uncover previously unknown witnesses
  4. Tracing loan proceeds can determine if hidden accounts were used for loan payments

Answer: 1

2) If you are seizing a computer for forensic analysis, why is it generally necessary to seize any copiers connected to it?

  1. Many copiers connect via parallel cables, which store and transmit copy job data.
  2. Most copiers store, process, and transmit data m a cloud environment
  3. Many copiers have internal hard drives that might contain information relevant to a fraud examination
  4. Most copiers today are nonimpact copiers, meaning that they store copied images indefinitely

Answer: 3

3) Which of the following can be obtained from a wire transfer record?

  1. The name of the receiving institution’s registered agent
  2. The recipient’s government identification number
  3. The name of the sender or originator
  4. The sending institution’s accreditation type

Answer: 3

4) When planning for the interview phase of an investigation, which of the following steps should NOT be taken by the fraud examiner?

  1. Consider what the interview is intended to accomplish and state an objective.
  2. Review the case file to ensure that important information has not been overlooked
  3. Prepare a detailed list of questions to ask the subject during the interview.
  4. Ensure that the interview is held in a venue where the subject will feel Uncomfortable

Answer: 4

5) Jackson, a digital forensic examiner for a government agency, is conducting a criminal investigation into the alleged embezzlement of funds from the government’s Welfare Department (WD) Ginny a WD employee, is the prime suspect. Jackson obtains a court order authorizing him to seize Ginny’s personal computer for forensic examination. Which of the following is the MOST ACCURATE statement?

  1. If Ginny’s computer is running. Jackson should perform a graceful shutdown by turning it off using the normal shutdown process
  2. If Ginny’s computer is off and Jackson needs evidence that exists only in the form of volatile data, he should turn the computer on and retrieve data directly via the computer’s normal interface.
  3. If Ginny’s computer is off. Jackson should not turn it on unless he plans to use an encryption device that can guarantee that the system’s hard drive will not be accessed during startup.
  4. If Ginny’s computer is running. Jackson may retrieve data from the computer directly via its normal interface if the evidence that he needs exists only in the form of volatile data

Answer: 4

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