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Exam Name : ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester
Vendor Name : ASTQB
Total Questions : 76

ASTQB Practice Exam

ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Exam Questions

Are you looking to enhance your career in mobile testing? Do you aspire to become an ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester? Look no further, as Certsgrade is here to help you excel in your journey towards achieving this prestigious certification. With our comprehensive exam preparation resources and expert guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Exam with confidence and assurance.

What Is The ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Exam?

The ASTQB Mobile Testing Certification Exam is a globally recognized certification that validates your knowledge and expertise in mobile testing. This certification demonstrates your ability to effectively test mobile applications, ensuring their quality and reliability in today’s fast-paced mobile landscape. By earning this certification, you open doors to exciting career opportunities and stand out among your peers as a skilled and knowledgeable mobile testing professional.

ASTQB  Exam Objectives

To excel in the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Exam, it is crucial to understand the key objectives covered in the exam. The exam focuses on the following areas:

  • Introduction to Mobile Testing
    • Explain the expectations for a mobile application user and how this affects test prioritization.
    • Explain the challenges testers encounter in mobile application testing and how the environments and skills must change to address those challenges.
    • Summarize the different types of mobile applications.
    • Explain how equivalence partitioning can be used to select devices for testing.
    • Describe how some software development lifecycle models are more appropriate for mobile applications.
  • Mobile Application Testing
    • Apply test design techniques to mobile applications.
    • Apply test automation to mobile applications.
    • Test mobile applications for usability, performance, and security.
    • Test mobile applications in different environments.
    • Work with other stakeholders to ensure the quality of mobile applications.
  • Mobile Application Quality
    • Understand the factors that contribute to the quality of mobile applications.
    • Use quality metrics to measure the quality of mobile applications.
    • Identify and report defects in mobile applications.
    • Work with other stakeholders to improve the quality of mobile applications.

The exam is 120 minutes long and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 65%.

ASTQB Exam Preparation from Certsgrade

Certsgrade offers a wide range of exam preparation resources to help you succeed in your Mobile Tester Exam. Here’s a table showcasing our resources and how you can effectively utilize them:

Resource Description
Comprehensive Study Guide Our study guide covers all the exam objectives in detail, providing you with a solid foundation for the exam. Read through it thoroughly, taking notes and understanding key concepts.
Practice Exams Our practice exams simulate the real exam environment, allowing you to assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further improvement. Take multiple practice exams to build confidence and familiarity with the exam format.
Interactive Video Tutorials Our video tutorials provide in-depth explanations of complex topics, making it easier for you to grasp key concepts. Watch the tutorials and take notes to reinforce your understanding.
Exam Dumps Our exam dumps consist of real exam questions and answers, providing you with a valuable resource to gauge your readiness for the exam. Use them to test your knowledge and identify areas that need additional focus.
Expert Guidance Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance, clarification, or any questions you may have during your preparation journey.

Take Action and Succeed

In conclusion, if you’re determined to excel in the Certified Mobile Tester Exam, Certsgrade is your ultimate partner in success. Our comprehensive exam preparation resources, including study guides, practice exams, video tutorials, and expert guidance, will empower you to master the exam objectives and confidently tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Don’t wait any longer—seize this opportunity to enhance your career and become a recognized Certified Mobile Tester. Visit Certsgrade today, explore our resources, and embark on your journey towards professional growth and success. Remember, preparation is the key, and Certsgrade is here to unlock your potential. Act now and let us guide you towards a brighter future in mobile testing!

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