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Exam Name : SAS Certified Visual Modeling Using SAS Visual Statistics 8.4
Vendor Name : SAS Institute
Total Questions : 58

A00-274 Practice Exam

A00-274 SAS Visual Modeling Certification Training

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A00-274 Exam Details

This certification test is administered by SAS institute and Pearson VUE. It consists of 58 multiple-choice, short answers, and interactive questions. The passing score for the A00274 test is 68% and the duration to complete the test is 105 minutes. The pricing is different for specific countries but for most countries including United States, it is $180. You can visit SAS Certification Training website to check the detail of the following content areas:

  • Building and exploring descriptive models
  • Building and exploring predictive models with continuous and categorical targets
  • Performing model validation
  • Assessing model goodness of fit
  • Modifying and comparing models
  • Scoring models.

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