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Exam Name : Excel 2013 Expert Part Two
Vendor Name : Microsoft
Total Questions : 72

77-428 Practice Exam

Mastering the 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two Exam

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that allows users to manage and analyze data in a variety of ways. For those who want to demonstrate their expertise in Excel, taking the Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two Exam can be a great way to showcase their skills. This Microsoft Office Specialist exam is designed to test advanced Excel knowledge and is ideal for individuals who work with Excel on a regular basis. In this article, we will discuss the details of the 77-428 exam and provide tips for passing it.


Overview of the Microsoft 77-428 Exam

The 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two Exam is a certification exam that tests advanced knowledge of Excel. It is intended for individuals who use Excel on a daily basis and are looking to demonstrate their expertise. The exam consists of two parts: Part One and Part Two. Each part must be taken separately and requires a separate fee. Part Two of the 77-428 exam covers the following topics:


  • Advanced PivotTables: This section covers creating and managing PivotTables, including creating calculated fields and items, sorting and filtering data, and using PivotTable tools.
  • Advanced charts and graphs: This section covers creating and customizing charts and graphs, including using trendlines, creating combo charts, and using secondary axes.
  • Advanced formulas and functions: This section covers advanced formula and function usage, including creating array formulas, using the INDEX and MATCH functions, and using conditional functions such as IFERROR and SUMIFS.
  • Data analysis: This section covers advanced data analysis techniques, including using data validation, creating scenarios, and using Goal Seek and Solver.
  • Collaboration: This section covers collaborating with others in Excel, including using workbook sharing and protecting worksheets.


Tips for Passing the 77-428 Microsoft Exam

The Certsgrade.com website provides detailed information about the exam objectives. Reviewing these objectives can help you identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts. The best way to prepare for the 77428 exam is to practice using Excel. Create sample workbooks and practice using the advanced features covered in the exam. Certsgrade offers study materials available for the exam, including books, pdf dumps, practice questions & answers, online courses, and practice exams. Utilize these materials to help you prepare for the exam. The exam is timed, so it is important to manage your time effectively. Don’t panic during the 77-428 exam.

Course Content for 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two Exam

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create and customize advanced PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Use advanced data analysis tools to analyze data
  • Create advanced charts and graphs to display data
  • Collaborate and secure workbooks and data
  • Create and edit macros using VBA programming
  • Import and export data from external sources
  • Customize Excel to fit their specific needs
  • Utilize Excel Services and SharePoint integration for collaboration and data sharing.


Module 1: Advanced PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Creating PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Customizing PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Using Slicers and Timelines
  • Working with PowerPivot and Power View

Module 2: Advanced Data Analysis

  • Advanced formulas and functions
  • Data validation and error checking
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data tables and scenario manager

Module 3: Advanced Charting

  • Creating advanced charts and graphs
  • Customizing charts and graphs
  • Using trendlines and sparklines
  • Using data analysis tools

Module 4: Collaboration and Security

  • Sharing workbooks and protecting data
  • Tracking changes and comments
  • Protecting worksheets and workbooks
  • Using digital signatures

Module 5: Macros and VBA

  • Creating and editing macros
  • Using VBA programming
  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Using the Macro Recorder

Module 6: Data Import and Export

  • Importing data from external sources
  • Exporting data to external sources
  • Linking data between workbooks
  • Using XML and web queries

Module 7: Customizing Excel

  • Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizing Excel Options
  • Creating custom templates
  • Working with add-ins

Module 8: Excel Services and SharePoint Integration

  • Using Excel Services
  • Integrating Excel with SharePoint
  • Publishing workbooks to SharePoint
  • Collaborating with other users


The Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two Exam is a certification exam that tests advanced knowledge of Excel. It is intended for individuals who use Excel on a daily basis and are looking to demonstrate their expertise. By following the tips provided in this article, you can prepare effectively for the 77-428 exam and increase your chances of passing. In conclusion, this IT course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and industry best practices. We hope you found it useful. Keep learning and growing!


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