2V0-51.23 Questions & Answers

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Exam Name : VMware Horizon 8.x Professional (VCP-DTM 2023)
Vendor Name : VMware
Total Questions : 200

2V0-51.23 Practice Exam

2V0-51.23 VMware Horizon 8.x Professional Exam Guide

If you are looking to validate your skills and knowledge in VMware Horizon 8.x, then taking the 2V0-51.23 exam is a great option. This certification exam is designed to test your understanding of Horizon 8.x features and functionality, as well as your ability to design, deploy, and manage Horizon environments. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 2V0-51.23 exam and provide you with all the information you need to know.

2V0-51.23 Exam Structure and Format

The 2V0-51.23 exam is a certification exam offered by VMware that validates your skills and knowledge in VMware Horizon 8.x. The exam is intended for IT professionals who have experience designing, deploying, and managing VMware Horizon environments. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and is timed for 135 minutes. To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 300 on a scale of 100-500. The 2V051.23 exam covers a range of topics related to VMware Horizon 8.x. These topics include:

  • Horizon Infrastructure
    This section of the exam covers topics such as installing and configuring Horizon Connection Server, managing Horizon Composer, configuring Horizon security servers, and integrating with vSphere.
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization
    This section of the exam covers topics such as configuring desktop pools, managing user profiles and data, configuring application pools, and managing RDSH hosts.
  • Horizon Client Options
    This section of the exam covers topics such as configuring and deploying the Horizon Client, managing and troubleshooting the Horizon Client, and configuring remote access options.
  • Horizon Administration and Management
    This section of the exam covers topics such as managing and monitoring Horizon environments, configuring Horizon policies and settings, managing Horizon licensing, and troubleshooting Horizon environments.

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2V0-51.23 Exam Preparation

Preparing for the 2V0-51.23 exam requires a combination of study materials and practical experience. Certsgrade offers an exam guide with a detailed outline of the topics covered in the exam. Reviewing the exam guide will help you understand the scope of the exam and the skills and knowledge required to pass it. Certs grade also offers a range of training material that can help you prepare for the exam. These courses cover topics such as Horizon infrastructure, desktop and application virtualization, and Horizon administration and management.

Practicing with hands-on labs is a great way to gain practical experience with VMware Horizon 8.x. Various Certsgrade’s exam preparation resources are available online, including study guide, pdf dumps, practice exams, and mock tests including questions and answers right according to the real exam format. These resources can help you identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts and provide you with additional practice questions to help you prepare for the exam.

2V0-51.23 VMware Horizon 8.x Certification Course

This course is designed to help students learn the fundamentals of VMware VCP Horizon certification. The course content for this exam includes:

Desktop and application virtualization

  • Explain desktop virtualization concepts and benefits
  • Identify the features and capabilities of Horizon virtual desktops and applications
  • Describe the architecture and components of Horizon 8.x

Horizon infrastructure deployment and management

  • Plan and deploy Horizon infrastructure components
  • Configure and manage Horizon Connection Server, Unified Access Gateway, and security servers
  • Implement and manage certificates for secure communication

User environment management

  • Create and manage user profiles and policies
  • Configure and manage Horizon Smart Policies
  • Implement and manage user environment virtualization solutions

Horizon performance and scalability

  • Optimize Horizon for scalability and availability
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Horizon 8.x infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot common issues with desktop and application virtualization

Other topics

  • Describe the integration of Horizon with other VMware products such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX
  • Identify the use cases for Horizon and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Explain the licensing and pricing options for Horizon 8.x


The 2V0 51.23 exam is an excellent certification for IT professionals who are looking to validate their skills and knowledge in VMware Horizon 8.x. By preparing for the exam with a combination of study materials and practical experience, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and earning your certification. Whether you are a seasoned IT professional or just starting your career, the 2V0-51.23 exam is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in VMware Horizon 8.x. In conclusion, this IT course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and industry best practices. We hope you found it useful. Keep learning and growing!


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