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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a state of being that is enviable to have in one system or between several systems. It is controlling of EMI to work with the given device under a given environment.

Classes of EMC

There are three classes of EMC
1. Emission
2. Susceptibility
3. Coupling


It is electromagnetic compatibility. The emission has studied the countermeasures and gives some stability to reduce interference which is their respect to emission.


Susceptibility explains by the hardening of equipment. Equipment can function under some circumstances of RFI.


Coupling explains by what coupling of radio frequency interference which is reached to equipment under which device can function about.

EMC Testing

Here are some types of EMC Testing
1. Magnetic Field Testing
2. Voltage Drop Testing
3. Surge Immunity Testing
4. Conducted Immunity Testing
5. Radiated Immunity Testing
6. ESD Testing
7. EFT Testing

Magnetic Field Testing

It uses EMC test equipment to create the effect of a magnetic field and make certain devices continue to control correctly.

Voltage Drop Testing

Voltage drop testing tests the impact of a sudden voltage dip or further power interruption on a piece of equipment. It is also used for test device ability.

Surge Immunity Testing

Electromagnetic surges can be brought about by various variables, including backhanded lightning strikes and routine force exchanging occasions. For consistency and dependability purposes, it is fundamental to appropriately secure against the impacts of a low-recurrence power flood on numerous buyer merchandise.

Conducted Immunity Testing

It includes simulate potential disturbances from different devices controlled by a similar force organization, or inductively coupled onto its I/O lines.

Radiated Immunity Testing

The testing assesses the capability of a device to work typically when presented to various electrical field sources. Electromagnetic noise can appear out of a range of sources, from cell phones and microwaves to Wi-Fi switches.

ESD Testing
It refers to electric carpet shocks which happen as a result of developing static electricity. It is performing with EMC test equipment that creates a short burst of energy, typically at 4kV and 8kV.

EFT Testing

It is ordinarily performed on AC or DC power ports, and on signal/control ports that might be associated with links greater than 3m long.

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