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Cisco the Most Preferred Company for Networking and Certification

Cisco is the most famous multination company that has its unique reputation in the international market. The major services and products that make Cisco unique and special are Cisco networking and cloud solutions, software and hardware products, effective technical support, and analytical solutions for telecommunication problems. Most of the people also know CISCO as the best company which provides professional technological certificates.

The most common CISCO certificates are listed below.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Abbreviated as CCIE)

Cisco Certified Network Associate (Abbreviates as CCNA)

Cisco Certified Design Associate (Abbreviated as CCDA)
Cisco Certified Network Professional (Abbreviated as CCNP)
Cisco Certified Design Professional (Abbreviated as CCDP)
Cisco Certified Technician (Abbreviated as CCT)
Cisco Certified Design Expert (Abbreviated as CCDE)
Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (Abbreviated as CCENT)
Cisco Certified Architect (Abbreviated as CCAr)

Different Levels of CISCO certificates

Cisco divides its certifications into four major categories.
1. Entry-Level Certification
As the name shows this certification is for beginners. Either you are a fresh technology graduate or you have completed some basic training programs, this certification is the best option for you to start your career. CCENT, CCT Data Centre and CCT Routing and Switching are commonly preferred entry-level certifications offered by CISCO.
2. Associate Level Certification
This can be helpful if you have great knowledge or little hands-on experience while going to get a job or starting your career. After getting this level certification employers will surely prefer you on the other candidates. Multiple CCNA and CCDA are the best examples.
3. Professional Level Certification
As the name shows this certificate is helpful to enhance your professional abilities and prove your expertise in the selected field. Multiple CCNP and DevNet Professional are common examples.
4. Expert Level Certification
Such CISCO certificates are acceptable and respectful worldwide. No matter where you are this certificate is strong proof of your strong expertise and skillset.

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