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Apple Certifications

Apple certifications are an investment in your profession that will acknowledge everywhere you go. It is for the help expert, technical coordinator, or control user who manages the network or provides technical support for Mac users. It verifies that you know macOS core functionality and that you can organize key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple Mac users.

There are two types of apple certifications i.e. application-oriented and troubleshooting-oriented. Apple specialists must know about particular programs, like the Final Cut Studio video editing suite or DVD Studio Pro for DVD authoring. There are some levels of training, including the Master Pro and Master Trainer certificate. These can be very useful.

Learn About Apple Certification Courses

Here are some apple certification courses
1. App Development
2. Creative
3. macOS
4. Productivity

App Development Courses

There are many app development courses but in this, we only discuss three types of courses i.e. IOS, SDK, APP Development with swift. For developing a native application firstly you will plan and design your app requirements to build a valuable app. To develop an app you can choose a good programming language for IOS app development you can use swift programming language, including syntax, logic, structure, functions, and a good interface UI, UX. It teaches how to build and run a swift-based app for iPhone and iPad users.

APP Development Cycle

There are five main phases used in the app development cycle i.e.
• Planning
• Design
• Development
• Testing
• Maintenance

How Can I Earn Apple Certificate?

You can earn an apple certificate by passing an online exam through an authorized testing center. You must complete Apple’s Macintosh Service Certification Exam and the Mac OS X 10.8 Lion Troubleshooting Exam, each of which retails for $150. You must have 80 percent marks on the exam.

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