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Vendor Name : GIAC
Exam Name : GIAC Critical Controls Certification (GCCC)
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Juliette Kensington
Juliette Kensington

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5 months ago
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Benjamin Rogers

Studying for the GCCC (GIAC Critical Controls Certification) was made more accessible with CertsGrade. Their study materials, especially the PDF guides, covered essential critical controls concepts, aiding in a comprehensive preparation.

7 months ago
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Lilly Keller

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PDF Dumps for Certsgrade GCCC Exam Practice

Cybersecurity career with the sought-after GIAC Critical Controls Certification (GCCC). This practitioner certification is your gateway to mastering the CIS Critical Security Controls, a cornerstone in today’s risk-based security landscape.

GIAC Critical Controls Certification (GCCC)

What is GCCC?

GIAC Critical Controls Certification (GCCC) is meticulously crafted to validate your proficiency in implementing and executing the CIS Critical Controls advocated by the esteemed Center for Internet Security (CIS). By obtaining this certification, you demonstrate your expertise in safeguarding enterprises against modern cyber threats.

GCCC delves deep into pivotal areas essential for fortifying digital infrastructures:

  • Background, purpose, and implementation of CIS Critical Security Controls
  • Inventory and control of enterprise and software assets
  • Data protection and secure configuration management
  • Access control, vulnerability management, and audit log management
  • Network monitoring, incident response, and penetration testing

Who Should Pursue GCCC?

This certification caters to a wide spectrum of professionals:

  • Security professionals, auditors, CIOs, and risk officers
  • Information assurance auditors
  • System implementers or administrators
  • Network security engineers and IT administrators
  • Department of Defense (DoD) personnel or contractors
  • Federal agencies or clients
  • Security vendors and consultants

Exam Certification Objectives & Outcome Statements:

GCCC’s comprehensive exam ensures mastery in key domains:

  • Access Control Management (v8)
  • Account Management (v8)
  • Application Software Security (v8)
  • Audit Log Management (v8)


  • Validate your expertise in CIS Critical Security Controls.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in auditing principles and security standards.
  • Enhance your capabilities in access control and vulnerability management.
  • Stay ahead in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.
  • Boost your career prospects and earning potential.
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